The Salvation Army trade Department

OTHERS PAKISTAN  is a Salvation Army initiative which aims to transform lives and alleviate poverty by promoting and utilizing the concept of Fair Trade. It’s an ongoing practical journey from poverty to hope in many of disadvantaged lives.

Others is The Salvation Army's initiative for trade that promotes hope. It is said that the Founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth, once sent a telegram to officers around the world to remind them of the main focus of their work. The telegram contained only one word - "others." That single word captured the foundation for the entire organization. 

Through the years the word has appeared as a slogan in many different settings, and several writers have described it as "The Salvation Army's DNA." In other words, it's a name that is deeply rooted and that points towards our foundation. We're not running Others for our own sake, but for the benefit of others.
TSA Trading OTHERS Pakistan is operating in accordance with the TSA values .

The majority of Pakistan is very poor and live under the poverty line, earning less than a dollar a day. They have little access to employment or country development initiatives. Therefore this program is designed as a sustainable business to uplift poor communities and contribute to the skills, potential talent, and making the world more aware of Pakistani culture and crafts. It is making use of established community relationships and the skills acquired by persons who have been trained by the Salvation Army Pakistan.

The Purpose of Trading Department

The purpose of this project is to create sustainable employment for  500 full time positions (men & women) by the end of year 2018, in order to improve their quality of life and gain dignity through self–support, and to increase the marketability of products designed for, and sold by The Salvation Army in OTHERS shops which are at the moment in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

We create work, by creating attractive products with good functionality and look great!

OTHERS Pakistan is linked with the Salvation Army’s International fair-trade project OTHERS, and it is also contributing to establish a successful OTHERS business model that can be replicated in other parts of the world.
Now Sally Ann name has changed and this department is known TSA Trading department , Through trading activates we want to extend our business in local market for income generation purpose .TSA Trading department will be a Trading company and will have sustainable income generation source for Pakistan Territory and Established TSA Trading department as Subsidiary Company.


Trade Department at a Glance