The Salvation Army is a fundamental part of the Christian Church in Pakistan. The Churches are called 'corps' or 'citadels' and they are Christian places of worship open to the community they serve.

Most Salvation Army corps hold worship services on a Sunday although may also hold these and other services during the week. Worship traditionally in a Salvation Army corps will include singing, prayer, readings from the Holy Bible and a sermon or talk about how God wants to make a difference in our lives. Drama and Testimonies are also often included. Worship may be helped by a harmonium and tabla, a Salvation Army brass band or a worship band with keyboard, guitars and drums. A choir may also help with singing during the worship service.

During the week there may be a Bible study or prayer group that you can join. There is also, in many corps, a worship service for women called the Home League, Youth clubs and Youth worship also take place. Often community based activities are run from the corps building for anyone in the local community such as homework clubs, literacy, food preservation and many more. Each corps has different activities as the needs and the community determine. Not every corps is exactly the same so why not go along to your local Salvation Army centre and see for yourself all that it can offer.